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Microcap Millionaires StockTapping into the stock and forex trading industry can be quite a gamble. You could only either win or lose, period. However, you can avoid taking unworthy risks through constant heads ups. They can be given accurately by none other than the Microcap Millionaires Track Record.

Matt Morris is the man behind the creation of the Microcap Millionaires Track Record. As to how he gets to pen down a fully substantial structure of words in every email newsletter, he is actually a total hustler in the field of penny stocks trading for a considerably long time now. He was able to develop a truly amazing stock choosing strategy conceptualized to draw the best possible returns in the shortest turnaround time. The microcap picks, or penny stock pics, in every email are selected through Matt’s unique strategy based on extensive experience. It is therefore all about construing how the trade market works and play it to your favor for breathtaking profits.

Pick 1: TRTC, alerted Dec 3rd around .07 per share, sell alert on Jan 8th at .31 (yep, sold too early, but not a bad gain huh?) see TRTC chart.

Microcap Millionaires Stock Chart TRTC

Pick 2: MONIF, alerted in Sep. 2013 around .80 per share, still holding as the stock pushes to new highs (almost) around 1.35 see MONIF chart.

Microcap Millionaires Stock Chart MONIF

Pick 3: NROM, alerted in August 2013 around 1.30 per share, still holding as stock is now around see NROM chart.

Microcap Millionaires Stock Chart NROM

Pick 4: TSLA call options. Alerted 3 separate occasions, 2 were +50% wins, other time was a small loss. Latest TSLA call option trade was given a sell alert today, I netted a 57% gain, although I could have made more if I waited til about 10 am to sell. TSLA chart.

Microcap Millionaires Stock Chart TSLA

Pick 5: SWRL, this is a “frozen yogurt self serve” stock, and in fact the only publicly traded stock smack dab in the middle of this new trend in the U.S. I alerted around .90 per share a few weeks ago, and it’s down around .85 now. I have a longer term horizon for this stock, so not worried about the lack of a jump in share price. SWRL chart

Microcap Millionaires Stock Chart SWRL

Pick 6: UA call options. This was given the endearing term of my “Duck Dynasty Trade of 2014″. Reason? When whiny liberals called for the show to be cancelled due to a member of the show making some common sense comments, people went out in droves to buy gear from “Duck Dynasty” sponsors…..like Under Armour (UA). I alerted call options in early January for UA into their Jan. 27th earnings date, and the stock bursted higher that morning, giving my subscribers an overnight windfall of over 300% gains! (I didn’t do too bad on it either) UA chart

Microcap Millionaires Stock Chart UA

Pick 7: CARA, alerted yesterday around 15 per share. Still waiting on this one to make a move for us, it’s basically an undiscovered “weed pharma” stock like GWPH in my opinion. CARA chart.

Microcap Millionaires Stock Chart CARA

[was given several good ratings by analysts this morning]

Pick 8: BRDT, alerted Feb 5th at .28 per share. Another promising “weed stock” like TRTC. Stock has moved up to .56 since alert, I advised paid subscribers to sell half of their shares, and many of them are “riding freebies” in case the stock pushes to $1 and beyond. BRDT chart

Microcap Millionaires Stock Chart BRDT


There ya go.
I guess you could technically say one of my picks is not a “winner” yet,
but that is gonna change soon in my opinion. 🙂
Hey I gotta run…I have a mid-day errand to run.
Yet I do want to make you an offer before I head out…
So you don’t have to keep missing out on all of this exhilaration, camaraderie,
and most importantly…life changing profits.
Simply by waiting for my buy and sell alerts, and following them
to the letter of the law.
You can do that, right?
So, I’m going to offer you a chance to join the
Microcap Millionaires Family, right in this here

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